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Patterns and Practices


We have built Abstract using a Domain Driven Design approach for several reason, being the greatest the fact that "DDD is suitable for application with long lifecycle, not for small websites" (see and SaaSApplications are generally applications that live for years (which is almost forever considering the IT perspective).

Our application of DDD may look very specific so we deeply recommend you to get familliar with our Logical Architecture before you start working with it.


Please observe the following commenting rules for the several common situations that you may finding when implementing the Abstract.


By definition, the architecture runs the SaaSApplication Code Analysis Rules (strict) for any assembly that is deployed into production and the Microsoft Minimum Recommended Rules for other assemblies (such as Unit Test, Setup, Infra etc) and we highly recommend you to keep them.

For further info:


We basically run the StyleCop thoroughly, disabling *.Designer.cs classes (to avoid struggle against the bad designer code generated by Visual Studio 2010.
For further info check: StyleCop configuration per Project.

Unit Testing

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